Vanguard Electric, LLC is a U.S member company of the Southern States Group of companies (www.southernstatesllc.com) dedicated to sourcing top quality electrical components for internal use by other group companies, as well as by the customers they serve.

Vanguard Electric brings to its customers high quality products that have been carefully researched, vetted and adapted to the U.S market so they meet all technical requirements at very competitive prices.  Our highly specialized team is dedicated to source OEM products from top world manufacturers that comply with the highest standards that we have defined for our brand.  Vanguard Electric stands for quality, competitive pricing and total reliability on all aspects that are critical for your successful projects.

At Vanguard Electric, LLC , consistent with the spirit of the group we are part of, we recognize the importance of providing a quality product to our customers. Further, we believe that the customer’s buying experience as a whole ultimately determines whether or not continued success is attainable. To ensure successful projects for our customers, we strive to offer a combination of features that we are confident will provide a very satisfactory experience with our company:

  • Top quality product manufactured to our specification (and in full compliance of applicable U.S and applicable international standards) by top world-class manufacturers. We establish long-term relationships, constantly monitor their facilities, and require the highest standards.

  • We buy in large quantities (in many products for our sister group companies) and transfer the savings to our customers. We offer very competitive pricing so you know you are paying for top quality products but not for large overheads or overpriced brand names.

  • Vanguard Electric, LLC keeps a seasoned team of engineers and specialized consultants that provide our customers with effective and reliable support at every step (selection, application, troubleshooting, service).

  • Tough quality assurance requirements, which we monitor constantly to assure compliance.

  • Clear, complete and easily available technical information (online and in printed format).

  • A professional inside sales group supported by a solid network of local agents in the U.S. We want to always be available to you.

  • Domestic (U.S.A) service and support.

  • A large stock of the most popular references used in the market (customer specific stocking programs available).