Semi-conductive Glazed (SCG) and Hybrid Post Type Insulators

Vanguard Electric-Hybrid and Semi-Conductive Glazed Insulators

Whether insulator flashovers are the result of heavy pollution or extreme coastal conditions, the solution is Vanguard Electric’s line of specialized insulators. The Vanguard Electric insulator line ranges from the innovative Hybrid Insulators to the mature technology of our Semi-Conductive Glazing Porcelain insulators. The depth of our product line allows you to implement the solution that best addresses your needs and design philosophy.

General Features

  • Manufactured in state of the art ISO9001 certified facilities.

  • High strength solid-core porcelain.

  • Designed in compliance to ANSI C29.9 and IEC TS62896 (Hybrid Insulators for a.c and d.c for high voltage application) standards. (please contact us to certify compliance to other standards).

  • Multiple options of shed designs, strength, leakage distance, color, fittings, special seismic requirements.​​​​

  • ASTM A153M galvanized cast iron fittings are cemented to the porcelain using carefully formulated and cured high strength portland cement and silica sand.

  • 5 Year warranty


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SCGs: Please refer to our standard porcelain Post Type section. All standard insulators are also available with SCG glazing as an option.

Hybrids: Please contact us for details on available ratings.

Standard vs SCG vs Hybrid Insulators

Which Solution works best for you?

Note1: All Porcelain insulators operating in polluted or coastal environments need constant washing or RTV coating to prevent flashovers.